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Corona best sushi|(951) 588-5606 Corona Japanese Restaurant|Sushi in Corona, CA
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Corona Sushi Come and Eat the best Corona Sushi!

All you can Eat Sushi in Corona is now available.

We have decided to add an All you can eat sushi option to our menu. Corona sushi bar customers have asked many times that we serve our fresh sushi and amazing rolls in an all you can eat menu offer. Come and join us as we have a fresh selection of fish, amazing combination rolls, including our dragon crunch roll, the geisha roll, hand rolls, cut rolls and appetizers available on our new menu. Don’t settle for second best come to Corona’s best sushi restaurant and enjoy fresh all you can eat sushi.



Corona best sushi|(951) 588-5606 Corona Japanese Restaurant|Sushi in Corona
Corona’s Best sushi Happy hour Japanese restaurant

Welcome to Corona’s Best sushi. When you come to our shop you will be invited into a casual atmosphere with fresh fish, amazing Japanese food, cold beer and great Sake.  We use the freshest fish and our Japanese sushi chef Katsu know how to cut sushi properly so it tastes great.  We have been serving Corona’s best Japanese food for over 8 years and we love our customers.

Some of our Best sushi rolls have been made to satisfy your tastes whether it is the spicy rolls, like our Dragon roll with soft shell crabs or our Last Samurai roll that is a little bit crunchy.  Another favorite roll is the Geisha roll that is light and beautiful with pink wrapper.  There are over 30 rolls we can make and if you have a special order, we will make it for you.  Sushi and our specialty sushi rolls are what make Momos Sushi number one in Corona for fresh Sushi.

If you are a true sushi connoisseur than sit at the counter and order an “Omaka Se” which in Japanese means the Sushi Chef’s Choice.  You will get the freshest fish, the best cuts and amazing Japanese appetizers.  This is where you will get the true taste of Japan. You will definitely love this selection of the best sushi in Corona. We also have a full Japanese menu with great appetizers and traditional Japanese food.

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